The platform integrates any mobile device (iOS, Android, Windows) taking full advantage of the capabilities and functionality of the device (i.e. BLE, NFC, iBeacon), while maintaining a single and consistent User - Experience.

Our mobile Solutions integrate WiFi, GPS, and Proximity technolgies to enable: Geo-Marketing, Positioning-Marketing, Indoor-Mapping, Indoor Geo-Fancing, Access-Security, Indoor-Presence scenarios, ecc.

The platform includes a Field Gateway especially designed with reduced dimensions (like a stamp) and very low power consumption (< 1W) can connect any mobile device with the logic on Cloud and at the same time implement local actions (Printing , opening door, vending machine, etc.)


Thanks to the embedded and mobile combination and the application logic entirely based on Cloud PaaS components, SMARTHESIA is able to create products and solutions secure, scalable, high performance.

Business Scenarios



Smartphone is used to grant the permission for Internal Users and Guest to access the facility and drive them directly to the meeting.


SMARTHESIA's already developed an integrated solution with the company's access authorization system that allows a complete entrance and exit building management.


The goal is the badge and tail removal, as well as the security level increase.







Smartphone is used to directly control the visitors or customers access rooms and any other facilities .


SMARTHESIA's already developed a solution that allows room access control, domotics, home automation control and the use for automated facility or any offered services.


The goal is to simplify the booking, check-in, check-out process reducing costs and offering an innovative solution to our guests.



Smartphone is used for parking access.


SMARTHESIA's already developed a solution that also enables the detection of proximity, expiry time and simplify the payments.


The goal is to improve customer service and payment systems.



Smartphone is used to communicate, authorize, identify and access organized events, as well as in-door mapping and navigation to the hall.


The SMARTHESIA solution allows to plan a meeting with internal and external people and manage the guests invitation using an Invitation Card implemented as a Pass installable on any smartphone.


The goal is to simplify the organization and management of events and improve communication and access for guests to the relevant structures.



Smartphone can be used to simplify the operations of registration i.e. check-in (and check-out) and sales (i.e. e-ticketing).


The SMARTHESIA solution allows the management of reservations, alerts, arrivals and charges. It integrates with traditional ticketing systems and is compatible with scenarios of non-electronic Ticketing, Coupons or Vouchers and Member Cards.


The goal is to facilitate and improve the delivery of services and facilitate access to additional services.

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